Secure IT

Fast, secure and flexible IT services are essential to running and growing your business. We provide state of the art solutions from fast and secure wi-fi through to tailor-made IT support packages.

commercial grade internet

  • 100Mbps Internet Connection with commercial level Contention Rate provides fast, secure internet connection 24/7

secure virtual private network

  • A private network with a firewall protected internet connection is provided to each tenant to ensure no unwanted access from other tenants or the outside world

  • Both fast wired and wireless connections are available to access your private network

call routing technology

  • Never worry about missing important phone calls. With our sophisticated call routing, your calls will find you no matter where you are 24/7

  • State of the are VOIP system ensures you have the highest level of quality and security

flexible solutions

  • Additional connections and ports available on request for additional internet, printer and other networking requirements

IT Support

  • From support requests to tailor-made IT support packages, we ensure that your IT needs are met and that your business is running smoothly

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Rabobank specialises in agri-business lending which means I spend a lot of time away from the office meeting my clients. Hobart Corporate Centre provides valuable support to our Hobart office by ensuring our phones are answered during business hours if we are not available.

The staff at reception greet our clients in a professional manner and ably refer clients to the relevant staff in our office.
When we first came to visit the site, we had specific security requirements which Hobart Corporate Centre were able to accommodate.
— Gareth Horne | Rabobank