Virtual Office

A virtual office is an intelligent way to run your business if you’re always out and about, want to work from home or regularly meet with clients.

A virtual office provides you:

An Address

  • Your business has a recognisable street address.

  • We provide you access to a GPO box and a mail forwarding service.

A place to meet

  • You can conduct meetings at your Macquarie Street office.

  • Use either the board room or meeting room.


  • Our phone answering service creates a professional impression.

  • Tap into specialised, accessible, administrative support when you need it.

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The Corporate Centre complements my business image by giving me a professional, recognisable address and reliable reception services. Working with more than 40 clients, I generally go to their businesses and don’t need a permanent office of my own. However, some of my services demand a higher level of confidentiality and require access to flexible office facilities so that I can meet clients in a comfortable and private space.

In the 10 years I have been at the Hobart Corporate Centre, my clients and business partners have received excellent service which I highly recommend.
— Beth Mathison | Managing Director Centaur Business Networks Pty Ltd